Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kiwi Crate

Have you heard of Kiwi Crate?   Check out their site if you haven't already.  For Christmas my mom and papa bought each of the kids a crate and also one to share.  What I love is everything you need (with the exception of scissors and things like water) is in the box!  Each box makes several crafts centered around the same theme.  The kids getting all the supplies out and ready.
Sydney coloring the papers to decorate the tops.   Her crate was colorful inspiration.  Sydney's box included the tops, and supplies to make stained glass windows (with tissue paper, there may have been something else I am having a hard time remembering ). 
Griffin's crate was a pirate them, which is why he is wearing an eye patch.  He made a pirate hat, eye patch, a parrot, treasure map and decorate a  treasure box.

seriously the cutest pirate I have ever seen

We have one more crate reserved for a rainy day.  I was very pleased with this product and would recommend kiwi crates to everyone with kiddos who like to craft.  Also the site has craft and DIY ideas that you print. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Griffin's room remodel

Even though Griffin still fits in his toddler bed it was time for a big bed and a room remodel.  Bill and I were tired of the old blue and wanted a more grown up look for the room. 
I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby, lots of buttons and hot glue sticks.  It was a process but I love the way the colors of the buttons on the wall pulled in the colors from his quilt.  G is for Griffin S is for Sawyer.

 We changed the color of the walls.  I bought these white bins for his dresser at Ikea to have extra storage for little toys.
I kept the sign that a girl at work bought me for Griffin's baby shower and also these star chains I made years ago. 

Bill and I bought this map at a toy store in Flat Rock and Bill had it mounted on a board (made of almost Plexiglas material) at Hobby Lobby.  The map and board are actually screened to the wall so it is very sturdy.
A new bed from Ikea and a quilt set from Target completed the look.  We have had the canvas bins from Pottery Barn since he was a baby. 
What do you think?  Griffin loves his new room!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow 2014

Well sorry it has been so long since I have posted, I was having some sort of issue with blogger and when I tried to log in it would shut down. I just happened to try again and it worked this time.
  Last week we had cold temps and finally some snow. I figure hey if it is going to be cold we might as well have snow. The kids have been waiting to use this snow tube our neighbors bought them last winter. We probably only got between 1-2 inches but it was enough, especially on the fairway.
Sydney and Bill

Griffin and mommy

snow angel
cold and ready to go in

Sydney smelling the snow
I was glad I captured this moment, my girl laying down in the snow, completely at peace.  I am going to frame this picture for sure, it is a favorite already.

Hard to believe that this little snow had the kids out of school 4.5 days last week, yup that is the south for you. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Raffia Pumpkins

I saw this idea on Kiwi Crate's website and I knew I wanted to give it a try.   Sydney helped me cut the raffia into manageable pieces.  (Griffin watched and ate chocolate pudding) 
raffia in paste
raffia wrapped around balloon- left in a bowl to dry (sorry sideways)
Our mantle
Finished pumpkins!  I love them, very fun and easy.  I like the orange color but a natural color would be cool too.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sky Top Orchard- here we come

These pictures are from last year when we went to Sky Top Orchard.  We are headed there this weekend and we are so excited. 

Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how much the kids have grown physically and in maturity in the last year. 
We will share pics from this years adventure when we get back. 
Have you been to the orchard yet?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy busy

Life is so busy lately and I am prioritizing which means blogging is low on the list.  Family first and then work and entertainment is last.  I miss keeping up with everyone but I will be back soon.  I have a few cool fall crafts to share and hopefully I will have pictures soon since I did buy a new camera.  In the meantime here are a few pics from vacation that I am not sure I shared.  Oh wait I have yet to share any from vacation on here. 

 Griffin with friend Vinny
 dragon fly that kept landing on fishing pole
 shakes at Steak N Shake
 Proof that Bill and I were on the trip- all the pictures are of the kids
 snuggling in condo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a few thoughts

Lately I am trying to regroup and get myself in a better place.  Life is so precious yet I feel like I am being swept away at times and I really want to slow down.  Here are some thoughts and goals:

  • quality over quantity
  • capture the little moments
  • savor
  • listen
  • breathe