Monday, December 3, 2012

simple ways to make the holidays special without big spending

This is such a special time of year and yet so many people are stressed out and too busy to enjoy themselves.  I think keeping things simple and spending within your means is a way to make sure you enjoy this season more!  We try hard not to get caught up in all the craziness and try to keep things simple yet so wonderful.  I love all the little traditions that we keep, a particular Christmas morning meal, Christmas eve church service, reading Christmas books all month, our advent calendar.  Here are a few ideas for you...

1.  surround yourself with people you love, just keep it simple, Christmas music, a few snacks, maybe a board game

2.  enjoy making a few holiday treats, I certainly have a few things that I only bake at Christmas time, so bake, maybe share and ENJOY

3. have a family popcorn party and watch a Christmas movie

4.  drive around after dark and look at Christmas lights

5. spend an evening thinking about and sharing all the things you do have to be thankful for (even if you feel bummed out that you do not have extra money this season)

6.  If you must exchange gifts, keep it small and set an affordable limit, at least you will have one thing to open

7.  if you live where you have snow- get outside and go sledding, make snow angels or a snowman

8. snuggle with a loved one by the fireplace

9.  sing Christmas songs

10.  Remember this is a season to celebrate the birth of Christ

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