Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

My friend Ellie had a baby shower for me on Saturday, yes this was my third shower! My friend Missy and Bill's coworker had a Rebath couples cookout/shower for us a a few weeks ago, then I had a shower at my work and this past weekend a shower at Ellie's. We are certainly blessed with great friends.

Traci and I comparing bellies. Traci is about 6 weeks behind me and is also having a baby boy. Traci works at Sydney's daycare and she is our main babysitter!

Me and my friend Ellie. We actually met in the infant room when Sydney was a baby. Ellie and her husband Garret has a little boy, Sam who is one of Syd's best friends.

Sydney was not cooperating for photos but oh well. She just looked too cute to resist a few pics.

Cake squares- yummy. So sweet with the little booties and pacifiers.

Edible Arrangements, yummy. I had seen these in magazines but had never had one. All the fruit was fabulous. The brown chunks are chocolate covered bananas which took me back to my childhood. Delicious.

Sydney again not wanting to look at camera.

My friend Deanna and I playing one of the many fun games.

Lisa, Traci and Nicole concentrating.

It was a wonderful shower and I feel so blessed to have made some wonderful friends. It has been so fun celebrating the upcoming arrival of our son (that seems so weird to type) and we are so happy that our friends are just as excited as we are about Griffin!

Not Me Monday

See this blog for the full explanation of Not Me Monday,
Mckmama started Not Me Monday as a place to share some of those imperfections that we all have, and I find it rather therapeutic to read through what some other moms admit to. I have never posted a Not Me Monday post but today is the day.
I most certainly did not wait until my husband had left for the evening (to go to his sleep study test) to get out the chips and queso! Well actually I did but in my defense whenever we open a jar of queso (which I seldom buy) it is gone in 1 or 2 sittings and I may or may not get any of it. So me being the selfish wife decided to wait until he was gone to get it out.
I did not put my sunglasses on on top of my regular glasses on Sunday. Well yes I did.
I guess that's all my confessions for this week. Have you done anything slightly embarrassing or crazy this past week?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We are making progress and getting closer to being ready. I went to the Doctor on Thursday and all is well. I am now dilated to 2 cm and 60% effaced. So we are making progress.
As I was waiting for her to come in the room it hit me, wow we are going to have a baby in less than 3 weeks. Are we ready? Yes. Are we ready for labor? Yes. In fact, I am not nervous about the labor at all. Last time I was worried about how I would handle the pain. My plan was to have no interventions or pain meds and it worked out beautifully. I had a very easy delivery with Sydney and I would say I was only in real pain for about 15 minutes before she was born. So this time around I am not nervous about the delivery or labor but I am nervous about making it to the hospital in time. I guess when it is time you just know, I did last time but I am worried about getting there in time.
Are we ready for a baby in the house again. Yes. Sydney is so excited and keeps asking when Dr. Brooks is going to get him out. The nursery is completely ready. Clothes are washed and put away. We are stocked up on diapers, wipes, and all the other essential supplies.
Are we ready to get up every 2 hours at night. Yes. Well I am, and I think Bill is ready to share in the responsibility. I am awake at least every 2 hours now to go to the bathroom and I just do not sleep well so I might as well be up snuggling and nursing with a baby. Some of my favorite times with Sydney were nursing in the middle of the night. Holding your baby that close and it being so still and quiet is an amazing moment.
Are we ready to take a diaper bad every where we go? Yes. We are out of the habit of taking anything when we walk out the door. Sydney is very much potty trained during the day so I usually do not even remember to take an extra outfit for her. It will take us a lot longer to get prepped to go and to walk out the door.
Are we ready for the responsibility of two? Yes. I sometimes think wow look at this little girl and we are totally responsible for her care. Does anyone else think this at times? I am amazed at how Sydney has grown and how she is just a little person with a mind and body of her own. Soon there will be 2 people dependant on us, how will that feel?
So are we ready for Griffin Sawyer to be born? Yes. We welcome his arrival any day. We are all so excited to see his little face. We keep talking about what color his hair might be and how big he might be and will he look at all like his big sis.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barley Vegetable Soup

This is a super yummy and easy recipe. I had to make a few adjustments because I could not locate any barley and my husband is a meat eater so I added lean stew beef.

Combine all ingredients in crock pot:
4 cups tomato juice
2.5 C chopped zucchini
2 - 14 oz cans reduced sodium chicken broth
1.5 cups chopped red and yellow peppers
1 C chopped onion ( 1 large)
1/2 C regular barley
1/4 tsp black pepper
3 cloves garlic minced

Cover and cook on low 8-9 hours or on high 4 hours. I also added a few carrots. It had the best broth and was so yummy. Enjoy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Do you like surprises? Well I do. Last night my husband called to tell me he was out of his last appointment and on his way home. He said I have a surprise for you. Hmm, what could it be? Sometimes when he says this he brings me a bagel or a scone from Panera. Yum I would love that. So I am then thinking while waiting for him to get home what is the surprise. Well when he arrives he starts telling me all about this crafty customer that he sold a job to and how she makes all kinds of neat things. She makes these bags and sent one home with him for me. How nice and thoughtful of her to give one to a virtual stranger. Some people are so nice. Anyway I love my bag, the colors are awesome for fall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower

This is not everyone from my work but we ate in shifts because some providers still had patients.

Cutest cake and decoration, I had never seen one like this before.

I had a baby shower at work today. It was so nice. Everyone brought a dish to pass, and the food is always super yummy around my office. I opened a ton of gifts and everyone had a great time visiting. I must say my child will be the best dressed and not have to wear the same outfit twice until he is at least 6 months old! My living room floor was covered in gifts!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carousel Festival

Yesterday the weather here was fabulous so we headed out to the Burlington City Park Carousel Festival! We love this park and I am sure I have blogged about it before. During the festival all the rides are free!

Sydney loves the carousel, but also enjoys the train and all the other rides.

We had some yummy kettle corn and listened to music. The kids danced and we relaxed.

We bought 5 tickets for the inflatable rides and the kids enjoyed bouncing and sliding. Bill was so afraid Sydney was going to break a leg on the slide but she was fine. We had a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Favorite

I thought I would share this yummy recipe with you, the one for Apple Pizza that I mentioned in my post all about fall.

1 loaf frozen bread dough, thawed
4 large apples
cinnamon and sugar optional
1/2 Cup flour
2/3 Cup brown sugar
1 stick softened margarine

optional toppings, pecans, raisin, icing (made from milk and confectioners sugar)

Spread thawed bread dough on a greased pizza pan (I use my pampered chef stone, not greased). Peel, core and slice apples and spread on top of dough. Apples can mixed with cinnamon and sugar if desired (I usually add a little). Combine flour, brown sugar and margarine and crumble over apples. Sprinkle with optional topping such as raisins or nuts. Bake at 325 for 35-45 minutes. Drizzle with icing of confectioners sugar if desired (I leave this off usually). I also reduce to 6 T of margarine to cut down on fat. This is yummy still warm as dessert and also good for breakfast!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sydney's First Trip to a pumpkin patch.

First Hayride, I cannot believe how little she was and how dark her hair was at the time.

Trip to pumpkin patch last year with Aunt Ashley

Playing in leaves by our house.

I love fall. I know it is technically not autumn yet but it has started to feel that way so I am thinking about it a lot these days. It has still been hot here in the daytime but cool and crisp in the early mornings and evenings. I love the cool temperatures, the jean and long sleeved shirt weather.

I love when the leaves change colors and fall. We have lots of trees and therefore lots of leaves, we love to rake leaves into piles and Sydney and I run through them and lay in them before Bill gets them out of the yard. I love apples and going to the orchard. I make a few recipes in the fall that I do not make any other time of year, including a family favorite- apple pizza and also apple crisp.
We enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and finding a pumpkin. Although going to the pumpkin patch here in North Carolina is way different than it was in Michigan. The first year we went after moving here I could not figure out why the hay ride was so uncomfortable and then I realized it was because I was wearing shorts and a tank top and the hay was pricking my legs. In Michigan we were always wearing jeans and usually a long sleeved shirt because it was nice and cool not 85 and humid. So even though it is usually still warm here I enjoy the hay ride. I also enjoy apple cider although I have not had any yet this year because most of the fresh stuff is not pasteurized and that is a no no while pregs. I have great memories of carving a pumpkin as a child and we always (well as long as I can remember) washed and baked the pumpkin seeds- yummy! I have yet to let Syd carve a pumpkin, we may this year! It will surely be a mess but oh well. We will also have to start the tradition of baking the seeds, I think Sydney will like them, she loves sunflower seeds and all kinds of nuts.

Do you love the fall season? Does your family have any special fall traditions?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Predictions Please

Well I think its time to start the predictions. Please leave a comment as to when you think Griffin will arrive, (date only), how much he will weigh and how long he will measure. Whoever is the closest will win a prize! I am not sure what the prize will be, scrapbook stuff if you are into scrap booking and if not we will come up with something fun. If you have never left a comment before it is not hard you just have to create a google account but it is easy sign in and password.

A little update, all is well. I am on the weekly doctor plan now. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I am dilated to 1.5 cm and 60% effaced. He is head down and in the position. If you remember I started dilating early with Sydney but held out until 8 days before her actual due date. I will say I will not be crushed if he is born early. Not too early because preemie boys do not usually do real well. If we can get another 2 weeks in then I say let him come. I am getting a bit tired and my hips and back are hurting at night. He is low and it just gets uncomfortable. So anyway go ahead and let me know what your prediction is for when he will arrive and how big he will be.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Attraction

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... okay just teasing here it is

Griffin Sawyer's room...

Quote above crib

We are still waiting on part of his bedding, it is on back order.

Rocking chair

Inside view of wardrobe...I have a few clothes ready.


Bins for toys

Changing table and dresser

Shelf above dresser

Bill worked hard getting the room painted. Then we had new carpet installed. We bought all the furniture at IKEA and assembled it ourselves. Tonight we finished up by hanging the shelf and putting the quote on the wall. A labor of love. What do you think? Now we just need Griffin but we will wait a few more weeks.

Nesting or just OCD

Here are a few of the things I have accomplished in the last week and a half, you tell me nesting or am I just OCD.

-dusting all wood blinds and the vacuuming the room
-cleaning beside wash and dryer and fridge
-vacuuming under couch cushions and couch and chair itself
-laundry, all the regular stuff plus baby stuff I have so far
-putting together nursery
-washing molding along top of cabinets and cabinets, plus top of fridge
-cleaning sun room, wiping down all ledges, furniture, vacuuming floor with wet dry vac
-cleaning off side and front porch
-washing front door and side lights
-cleaning out Syd's drawers trying on pants to see what fits for the fall
-starting to pack our bags for hospital
-buying mums for front steps, sun room and for around mailbox (planted)
-filing (this builds up in office but I save all receipts and file everything for a year)
-set up pack in play downstairs
-cleaned up baby car seat and installed in car

Plus the usual cooking and cleanup, packing lunches etc. I love being prepared and being unprepared leaves me feeling anxious. I would rather get my chores done and then relax and in fact I have a hard time relaxing if there are things that need to be done.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The condo we stayed in while on vacation had a 6 foot whirlpool tub. Sydney has never taken a bubble bath (at least not that I can recall) because bubbles are not the greatest for little girls but since we were on vacation we tried it out. She thought all the bubbles were a lot of fun.

The tub was big enough for two so daddy had to join in the fun. Sydney enjoyed putting bubbles on Bill's head. It was a good time.