Friday, December 31, 2010

Isn't he.....


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tears of Joy

Meet Sam's new family! Okay lets go back to the beginning- check out this post about a little boy named Sam who was going to be institutionalized because he has down syndrome. Now read about his new family. I made a contribution to Reece's rainbow in obedience to God and I am so blessed to be a part of this adoption, in a very small way. I cannot imagine sending these children to an institution just because of a disability. It breaks my heart. We have several patients that have down syndrome and they are so precious. They do require addition medical care and therapies but they are such a blessing. Anyway I am crying tears of joy this morning.

Change, please NO

I do not like change. I like routine and order. I am what most people would call a creature of habit. I do however like variety. I could stand to roll with the punches a little more. I am getting better now that I have two children, I really had no choice but to learn to accept some change.

Our insurance is changing. For the past 5 years that I have been out of school I have had Bill on my insurance that I get through work. Prior to my job Bill was uninsured. We have been so blessed. Bill has insulin dependant diabetes, and heart disease, which means he takes a list of medications and cannot live without insulin. On our current insurance I am able to get 4 vials of each insulin that he takes for 5 dollars each- the total cash price is right at 1000 dollars. So now with this unwelcome change he has to go on Rebath insurance and they have no coverage until they have met their 2700 dollar deductible. Yuck! So until we meet the deductible it will be the way it was before and we will pay cash for everything. He does have an HSA account but the money has to come out of his check and in order to have enough money to cover monthly meds it is just over 700 dollars a month.

We have no say in the matter so we are rolling with the punches. Actually I feel knocked over by the punch. It seems like we cannot get a break. Our water heater died just before my birthday and it was 900 dollars for a new one. Yeah! Actually major bummer. We had planned a trip to Ohio and then Indiana to visit family and friends but with all the unexpected expenses we just could not afford to go. Did I mention I hate change and that includes a change in plans. My sister Audra was home from New Mexico with her new baby and not going to IN meant not meeting up with them, bummer.

So a change in plans put a bit of a damper on our holiday break but we decided to stay home and make the best of it. Bill and I were both a bit cranky but our kids had a great vacation and we tried our best to savor the moments.

We are taking a positive attitude about the New Year despite some negative changes. Praying that somehow it will all come together and being as responsible as possible with our finances.
Any changes in your life, good or bad?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Over our break I took Sydney to see a movie at the big theatre in our mall. Sydney has been to the old theatre downtown once but never to the bid theatre. I wanted to take her to see Tangled but the day we were able to o it was no longer playing so we saw Yogi Bear 3D!! She was mesmerized. It was fun to do something with my little girl. Daddy and Griffin went to the Honda shop to get a part welded on his mower bag. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas decorations

I meant to show you these before but my life is busy so I am showing you now.
I cannot remember who's blog I saw this on, so if its you let me know so I ca give you credit.
All you do is wrap fun paper around a large cyclinder type vase. Decorate with ribbon and fill.

This is my trifle bowl filled with balls and with candy canes hanging over the edge- festive and cheap.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010


We went on a family trip to IKEA in Charlotte last weekend. If you have never been to IKEA you need to go- so fun. We spent 15 dollars but had a blast. We even ate there this time and guess what kids eat free in the cafe. BIll spun the kids on the cart and Sydney tried out a few beds. It makes you want to sell your house and buy a flat in the city. We walked through a house set up 550 square feet- it was cool, they made great use of little space.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sydney is looking to be sure that they did in fact save us the last guinea pig.

Daddy took a turn holding him

Sydney AKA squeaky's mommy

So happy to have a pet

rocking her baby

We told Syd on the way to the pet store where we were going and why. She was instantly screaming with excitement. She sang a little song all the way there about going to get a pet. She loved picking out his cage and all the stuff he needs.
When we got home with him she kept showing us his face and saying "Isn't he adorable!". Yes, he is and he is so sweet. We are getting acclimated to our new pet and we are thrilled for our little girl who was asking almost daily for a pet.
Sydney came up with his name all by herself.
I had guinea pigs as a child and they were sweet. I am allergic and I even went to the allergist this week to confirm. So why did we get one, well because I have a daughter that I think will be a great little momma to her pet and I can manage. The allergist made a few recommendations that should help.
Did you have a pet as a child?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Vinetage Pearl- Giveway

Yes, it is TRUE a giveaway! Check out the site and shop.

Cookie night

A week or so ago we hosted a cookie night. I had a few friends over from work along with their kiddos. This is Shandi and Dylan, taking a turn smashing jolly ranchers!

Sydney loved this part, anything that involves a hammer is great fun.

Lauren and Hunter enjoyed helping too.

Griffin was not much help but he had fun.

Ashleigh and Hunter rolling out cinnamon dough to make ornaments.

Cutting out the trees was a bit challenging. Ashleigh was in charge of creating holes to fill with bits of jolly rancher.

We also made wreaths! Rice crispy recipe except use corn flakes instead and add green dye.

This was the first time we made these and they did turn out pretty but not too tasty.

The twinkly tree cookie recipe is here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 Minute Fudge

This is the only fudge in my opinion. Once I made this five minute fudge by Rachel Ray I was sold-there is no other fudge. So easy, so yummy!

1 bag (12 oz) semisweet chocolate chips
3/4 bag (9oz) butterscotch chips
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
8 oz nuts (I use walnuts or pecans)
1/2 cup currants ( I use raisins)

In heavy saucepan mix chips and condensed milk. Stir until melted over low heat. Add vanilla and remove from heat and add raisins and nuts. Put fudge in greased cake pan or muffins tins. I usually put mine in my mini bunt tins or mini loaf pans. Cover with saran wrap and put in fridge to chill. Once set pop out of pan and slice thin. To us this fudge tastes like a chunky candy bar!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Perfect day

Saturday was a nearly perfect day. Bill was working so I was home with my two kiddos. We did not leave the house, not even to get the mail. I did step out on the back porch and take pictures of huge snowflakes as they came down.

Griffin climbed, which is what he always does, on anything and everything.

The fire blazed.

We played and read books.

Orange peels (we have been saving in the freezer over the last week) and cinnamon simmered and made our home smell so yummy.

We made some homemade pizza dough and later pizza, so yummy
We had a wonderful day? What did you do Saturday?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Griffin thought it was hilarious to ride around in this duffel bag. Bill recently had to go on a business trip to Philadelphia for a few days and while packing he decided to put Griffin in the duffel bag. Sorry bud he has to stay with momma.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Do you ever feel the need to simplify? Lately I have felt this way. I am not sure what triggered this feeling but it is STRONG. I cleaned off our dresser and changed things up a bit. We have had the same frames and candles on our dresser since we were married. Eight years, time for change. I did leave a frame with our wedding pictures but everything else needed to go. I put my jewelry inside our TV stand and bought a new ceramic pot (1/2 off so I paid 7 dollars). I made a flower arrangement and tada! It is so pretty and refreshing.

We have these shelves on either side of our fireplace and they hold books and lots of pictures frames. I just needed to lighten the look. So I took about half of the frames down and did a bit of rearranging. It is so nice. My husband and I have both cleaned out our closets and made donations to Good Will. It feels so good to have less and to have simplified.

Have you done any cleaning or simplifying lately?

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Lisa Leonard Design Giveaway

Check out Lisa's latest giveaway here. Remember the birthday present I bought myself from my mom? I am in love with my necklace and I am wearing it every day! Check out Lisa's shop and blog, you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hautelook and stocking stuffer

I recently joined Hautelook for free. I purchased this bear for 5$ originally 15 for Griffin's stocking. Isn't he sweet? I think stocking stuffers are so fun.
A few things for Syd's stocking: several things I picked up through the year when on sale
  • new colored pencils
  • stickers
  • nail polish
  • toothbrush (maybe not super fun but functional)
  • razzle candies
  • Starburst
  • water color paints
Griffin stocking:
  • paci's
  • sweet bear
  • new toothbrush
  • chunky crayons

Bill and I both get a stocking, although mine may have one thing in it (TOBLERONE!!). Oh well its not about the gifts.

What are you stuffing in stockings?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Moment

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Thank you for a warm house and cozy bed tonight. Please be with those who do not have a home and help them find shelter.
Thank you for a warm meal today, in fact three meals. Please be with those who are hungry, help them to find a warm meal.
Thank you for a healthy family. Please be with those that are ill. Cure them if it is your will. Be with the doctors and nurses that care for them and use them to heal the sick.
Thank you for your Son who came to save us.
Remind us to give to those in need.

Gift Idea

I thought of this canvas painting idea for Bill from Sydney. I bought a plain 8x8 canvas at Hobby Lobby when they were 30% or 40% off, I cannot remember now. I already had various colors of acrylic paint. One Saturday while Bill was at work I let her paint and I kept my mouth shut letting her paint whatever she wanted. It turned out so cute. I painted her name and the date in the corner and let it dry. I just know it will be Bill's favorite gift and because he is sensitive he WILL cry.