Tuesday, July 31, 2012

She is ready!

Sydney is ready for kindergarten!  Her backpack and lunch bag came in the mail last week and she is rather attached.  I went in to tuck her in that first night and she was laying on her belly with it on her back.  It took some convincing but I managed to get her to sleep with it beside her in bed.
This week she has kindergarten camp, a few hours each morning they go to their school and have fun!  Bill dropped her off and picked her up today and then took her to daycare, well now she has decided she does not want to go to daycare anymore.  A few weeks left and then she will be in kindergarten!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Milestone

Sydney going off the diving board!
She has wanted to go off the diving board since she was two and a half but she had to pass a swimming test. 
The water in the diving area is 12 feet deep and no one can be under the board to catch their child. 
Her first time was on Saturday and it was after about 15 minutes of debating.  She even got to the end of the board at one point and decided not to jump.
So when she jumped everyone at the pool clapped and cheered.  Bill was ready to rescue her and of course there is a lifeguard stationed right by the board.  She did not need a rescue, she quickly swam to the ladder and was ready to go again!
Now all she wants to do is go off the board.  When the lifeguard sees she is getting tired they ask her to take a break. 
I took this video on Sunday when we went back for another day of swimming and jumping in off the high dive.
I wish I had had my camera to record her actual first jump, oh well.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon dates

        Last weekend Bill and I decided to have individual dates with the kids. We typically do things together but the kids feel extra special when they get one on one time.  After church we all had lunch and then Sydney and I headed to the theater to see Brave, while Griffin and Bill went up to the club to hit golf balls and then rode a golf cart around the neighborhood.
           The boys driving down to club (don't worry that Griffin is not in carseat, it is just down the road).
                                       Sydney snuggled up at movie- it was very enjoyable. 
                                  Later that night Bill and Griffin caught up on some yard work.
Do you spend time individually with your children or is it easier to go on group outings?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Date Night

While in Maine we planned a date night, we left all 5 kids (our two and my sister's three) with Grammie la la, grandpa Quarter and Hannah (my sister's sitter).
First stop was Lookout Point!  The view was amazing!  I could have stayed in that spot for days! 
View from LookOut Point - check out the website.  My sister and her family rented a cabin earlier this summer and had a wonderful time. 
We stopped at the beach in Lincolnville
then we headed down the coast to Camden- Bill and I remember this place while on our honeymoon
We ate sandwiches and a shameful amount of dessert at the Camden deli while enjoying this view.

My sis and I in front of the amphitheater.
this is one of the entrances to the Camden library- so pretty and inviting
then we headed further down the coast to Rockport and walked out this breakwater to the lighthouse

I love all the colorful bouys
there were some beautiful boats in the harbor and they were partying! 
people were taking small boats from one large boat to another
fireworks were put off a day late due to fog on the fourth

we headed back north and stopped for dinner along the way
there was a lot of yummy food, great conversation, hand holding and sight seeing
a perfect date night if you ask me

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Boys will be boys....indoor soccer at my sister's.  We just think our kids are adorable and I could not help taking more pictures and videos!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday

We had a great weekend and we are looking forward to another great week.

Hooray for family swim night on Friday and dinner at the club.  It was actually like a private party at the pool, our family and the lifeguards due to the weather being iffy. 
Saturday- more pool time, Sydney is getting to be a great little swimmer.  Playing outside, grilling dinner, and snuggling on the couch with my sweetie after the kids were in bed.
Sunday-lazy morning, church and then VBS kick off. 

This week is sure to be exhausting with VBS from 6-830 every night but it will be worth it! 
So hello to another week of work, family, hot weather and growing in the Lord at VBS.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swan Lake

While in Maine we went to Swan Lake a few times! It is such a great place, with beautiful surroundings, warm water and we had great company.

I love this picture of the kids heading down to the water, Sydney and Michael holding hands.
seriously, it does not get much more beautiful than this

Griffin loving the water

Henry was happy to play with trucks and rocks
Me with my big sis
Sydney floating

picnic time

Griffin pulling toys and carrying timbits (little donuts)

kiddos, isn't Michael so GQ

I love this Michael taking a break from all the action to watch his little brother

Griffin happy with trucks

this was the rain moving in the first day we went, we ended up waiting it out and having a picnic in the back of my sister's friends van
 same view another day- so pretty
we loved Swan Lake and also the ice cream stop on the way home!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anniversary Part 2

If you missed part 1 of this post look here for pictures of the waterfalls. Our getaway was our gift to each other but I wanted to give Bill something so I made this tag and my sister mailed me an old key.
Dinner out at The Square Root!  We were both very hungry after all the walking and hiking.
Bill with his wedge salad- baby iceberg, blue cheese, bacon and tomato
I had the signature salad- field greens, dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, shredded carrots and chevre cheese with mandarin orange vinaigrette.
My entree- Salmon, succotash, garlic mashed potatoes
Bill had sirloin, broccoliraab, and roasted potatoes, shredded fried beets on top- love the presentation
they gave us a free dessert since it was our anniversary- triple chocolate cake
our meal was amazing, the service was great, we talked and talked, drank coffee and just plain enjoyed ourselves
If you are ever in Brevard you should eat at the Square Root!

We had a wonderful time and we are so thankful to have friends that will keep our kids and love them while we are away. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Anniversary Getaway Part 1

Our friends offered to watch our kids for the night so we could have a getaway for our 10th anniversary (actual date August 3rd).   So I planned a trip to the mountains to see some waterfalls,

looking glass falls

Bill being silly of course

It was magnificent

old bridge
lush green vegetation
Moore Cove falls required a hike, about 1 mile round trip
the trail was a muddy mess but it was worth the hike
this puts the size into perspective- that is Bill behind the waterfall

muddy sneakers

oh yes these brave people are sliding down sliding rock waterfall

part 2 tomorrow