Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Beluga

The kids have been enjoying colored bath water- Sydney was given crayola bath soaps and dyes (that do not dye your bathtub).
When the bath water is blue we sing this Raffi song!

"Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, Swim so wild and you swim so free. Heaven above and the sea below, And a little white whale on the go. Baby beluga, baby beluga, Is the water warm? Is your mama home, With you so happy? Way down yonder where the dolphins play, Where you dive and splash all day, Waves roll in and the waves roll out. See the water squirting out of your spout. Baby beluga, oh, baby beluga, Sing your little song, sing for all your friends. We like to hear you. When it's dark, you're home and fed. Curled up snug in your waterbed. Moon is shining and the stars are out. Good night, little whale, good night. Baby beluga, oh, baby beluga, With tomorrow's sun, another day's begun. You'll soon be waking. Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, Swim so wild and you swim so free. Heaven above and the sea below, And a little white whale on the go. You're just a little white whale on the go."

Actually we sing an abbreviated version because I cannot remember all the words.  I remember my mom singing this song and lots of other Raffi songs to my little sisters.

What fun things do you do with your kids in the tubby?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot Already

      Well, after being in Michigan this past weekend North Carolina seems extra hot.  It has been in the 90's this week! 
     When I pick the kids up from daycare they are so hot and sweaty and dirty as usual!  On the way home yesterday I asked Sydney about her day and if she was hot and she replied "I am so hot and I never want to go outside again".  I laughed and said well then you are going to miss out on a lot because the pool opens this weekend at the club and the splash pad is free Saturday so we are going.  She quickly changed her mind. 
     I do like warmer weather but I wish we had 70's longer.  How is the weather at your home? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family tree project

I had this idea for a project.  We found a few leaves in the yard I picked a shape that would be easy for Sydney to cut. 
We used a sponge to cover the leaf and then made prints on thick white paper.
We talked about how each leaf on a tree is different and each print came out differently.  We talked about how each person in a family is different and each family is different.

We let Griffin paint too!

Once the paint dried I let Sydney cut out each leaf (good fine motor skill practice)
Then I asked Sydney who was in our family...she named various people and was sure to include the pets, Dannon (my mom's dog), Squeaky (our guinea pig) and Coco (Marcus' dog).  Sydney included all Bill's big kids and also her cousins.  She also named some of our close friends who are like our family-Parker's and Mabus'- but we left them off the tree because we ran out of leaves.  I wrote down the names on the leaves and actually grouped families. 
Then I let Sydney glue each leaf where she wanted on the tree.

Isn't it cute? Oh yeah I painted the trunk with the sponge and then covered her arm and hand and made the branches. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ribbon Blanket

I saw this idea on this blog and decided to make two of them as gifts.  I bought jersey fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and I had all the ribbon already.  I did all the pinning and a friend at work sewed it for me because I do not have a sewing machine.  I am so happy with the way they turned out.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day

Why is it that my kids refuse to cooperate for a Mother's Day photo?  Remember last year?
Sydney did not want to look at the camera and then when I made a big deal about wanting a good picture she burst into tears.  Any other time she is happy to have her picture taken.
Sydney and her new headband (in her Easter basket) that she said hurt her head. 
I think I may try to wear it?
Little man and his scar.
We had a great day and enjoyed our family time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food, Inc.

Have you seen the movie Food, Inc?  I requested the movie from Netflix and watched it last night.  I was captivated and also brought to tears several times.   Wow, I had no idea what went on behind the scenes.  I challenge you to watch this movie about how our food has changed and how it is affecting our lives.  I am still processing what I saw and how I need to make changes to protect my family and to support the farmers that work so hard to do things safely and humanely.  In a way I feel helpless but I think we can all take many small steps to lead toward big change.  Please get the movie on netflix, browse the website (especially the link that says "About the Issues", or borrow the movie from your library and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Aren't these baby geese sweet?  We have been seeing them at the pond while we are out on a walk.  They are growing so fast. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sydney found this lizard on Mother's day and while holding it the tail fell off. The tail actually kept moving for almost a full minute on the brick. We have these blue tailed lizards all over by our house and they love to lay on the brick and sun bathe.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Saturday morning Sydney and I met our friends Nicole and Max (and a friend of theirs) at the strawberry patch. 
It was a cool and foggy morning and we enjoyed chatting and picking berries.

Sydney and Max, Max was born the day before Sydney and Bill and I met his parents at our child birth class. 
Nicole found this special berry and gave it to Max.  Can you tell why it is special?
Sydney is a great berry picker and did not eat a single berry.  As hard as it is to imagine she does not like strawberries.  Actually berries in general with the exception of blueberries baked in muffins.

We picked a ton! 

Actually 13 pounds and at 1.25 a pound it was a bargain.

Friday, May 13, 2011

cicadas everywhere

We have been invaded by cicadas!

They are everywhere.  When you are outside it is almost like some sci fie movie.  You can hear the constant buzzing and it is loud! 
Bill keeps cleaning off the driveway and the next morning there are literally hundreds.  It is down right gross.  Sydney loves to pick them up by the wings and now Griffin is doing the same thing.
I do not want him to think he can pick up bugs because he does not know which ones bite and which are harmless.  The cicadas are harmless but gross. 
Their moults are hanging from everything- the tress, our house, the swing set. 
Do you have cicadas at your house?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Bill and I had a big surprise for the kids last Friday.  Our neighbor had given us his son's old swing set and it was in our yard in pieces until last Friday when our neighbor helped Bill put it up.
The kids faces were priceless and Bill asked that I try to get pictures since he was at work when we got home. 
Griffin running to swing set

Sydney's expression

climbing the ladder


The kids have already had hours of fun!  Bill is staining the whole thing so it will look brand new!  We are so excited about our new (used) swing set.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sun porch

This is a picture of our porch before I spent two hours cleaning it on my half day.
The pollen is deep!
I took all the furniture out except for the table, washed the chairs in the sun.  Then I vacuumed the floor and ledges with a wet/dry vac.  On my hands and knees I scrubbed the floor with water and vinegar and and scrub brush, then vacuumed up the water.  Finally I used a swiffer or two and went over the entire floor!

Ta Da!  It feels so clean and fresh. 
We enjoy endless hours in this room from spring to fall.
The kids and I ate lunch out there Saturday and Sunday I sat out and read while Griffin napped.  We love our sun porch once it is clean.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New blog!

I recently came across this new blog and I am inspired!!!  I am always looking for new project ideas and this momma has tons!  I love that she has a teaching background and education in child development.  I know all about child development but I do not have a teaching degree.  Check out her blog and be inspired.  I have some many new crafts and projects I want to do, now all I need is more time!  Do you have any new favorite blogs?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (Repost)

Here is the entry I posted last year for Mother's Day:

What makes a person a mother? Well the obvious answer is having a child, or is it? Just because someone gives birth I am not so sure that makes them a mother. There are plenty of mothers who did not physically give birth to their children. Merriam Webster online defines a mother as a female parent. I think this is a good definition. A parent is defined as one that begets or brings forth offspring or a person that brings up and cares for another. Personally I think mothers are a special breed. I believe God had a special design for females/mothers. As mothers we have special abilities and roles. We mothers have an endless supply of love for our children. When it seems everyone else has tired, given up, or forgotten a mother will still be there. So Happy Mother's day to all the mothers who have:

-felt the pains of labor and given birth

-waited for a child through adoption

-stayed up all night with a sick child

-sacrificed something they wanted or needed so they could provide for their child
-answered all the why questions
-packed lunches and snacks

-kissed boo boos better
-helped with homework

-sang to their child

-fought for their child to receive the services and therapies they deserve
-taught their child something

-waited for a diagnosis for a sick child
-become a better person for their child
-prayed for the future for their child

-said "I love you"

-read their child a book

-stayed out in the rain to watch your child at a sporting event
-set curfews and boundaries

-coached a team their child was on
-said no when it would have been much easier to say yes

If you are a mother, enjoy your day and keep being a wonderful mother!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wordless Friday

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At it again

This time its Griffin who is wheezy and needs a neb. He is watching a baby video and happy to hold the mask himself!

All the pollen has caused some breathing issues at our house in everyone except Bill.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It has begun...

Summer is here, well not officially but it is with my kids. Both the kids have farmer's tans already and smell like sunscreen! This past weekend the school redesigned the play ground and guess what they have....a bigger SANDBOX! In case you have not experienced sunscreen and sand it is not a good combination. Griffin loves the sandbox and boy could I tell when I picked him up from daycare yesterday. He had 1/16th of a cup of sand in his diaper last night, his poor buns were chaffed. I had to rinse both kids prior to bathing and then rinse out the tub after bathing. It is going to be a long summer!
Do your kids smell like sunscreen yet?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturday was beautiful here, temperature in the mid 70's. Bill had to work so it was the kids and I until dinner time. We went on a nature walk and collected all sorts of fun things, we even saw a turtle shell that had been run over and was broken (Sydney thought this was very cool). As we collected things Sydney wrote something down on her clip board. Griffin rode in his wagon and enjoyed the scenery.

We weeded the yard a bit, cleaned Squeaky's cage and let him roam the back yard. Later we did sidewalk chalk and bubbles! It was a busy day outside. The kids were both exhausted and so was I!

Sunday is my day away and I am meeting my friend Val in Raleigh for breakfast, lunch, shopping and maybe dinner! Bill is looking forward to his time with the kids, he has been working so much lately he has not had enough time with them.

What did you do this weekend?