Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Website

I just love it when I find a cool website. I found a winner of a site today, it is I was looking up information about helping kids memorize bible verses and I came across the website. You can print script verses with a picture to help kids learn the verses. Also they have a coloring book bible you can print and then bind. Different kids have drawn pictures for chapters of the bible and then they have the scripture you can print and also a question and the answers. I think it is a creative and fun way for kids to learn the Word. My child has well over 20 songs in her little head and a few riddles so I figured she can start memorizing scripture! I was sick with the stomach bug on Friday and Saturday and so today Bill and I were talking, Sydney was playing nearby and Bill was saying how thankful he was that I felt better. He said "thank you Jesus" Sydney overheard and echoed the same thank you and then said "My Jesus". I guess we have some teaching to do about how Jesus is for everyone but I am glad she agrees that He is hers, someday she will understand that her heart belongs to Him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March of Dimes

This week Sydney's daycare is raising money for the March of Dimes. Each day of the week has a special event or craft to raise money. Monday -Bring a dime day, Tuesday- the kids made bookmarks that parents could buy, Wednesday- the kids made note cards, Thursday- the kids made magnets and Friday- is the parent bake sale. I am up still (10:00pm) making my cranberry oatmeal cookies for the bake sale. I made these cookies last year and they sold out quick. The recipe is on an earlier blog. I think the March of Dimes is a wonderful organization and I love that the school is active in helping to raise money for a good cause.

Sleeping Beauty

She truly is a little beauty. I took this photo tonight just a few moments ago. I had a physician recruit dinner to go to tonight so Sydney had a babysitter, well two actually, Traci and her husband Aaron. I went upstairs to check on Sydney after they left and I just had to take her picture. She is just the most precious thing I have ever seen. Bill and I were just talking the other night about how much she has changed our lives. Neither one of us can go to bed without looking in on her and making sure she is covered up. She is the love of our lives.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First OB Appt

Today was our first OB appt. Everything was good, my blood pressure, weight ect. The babies heart rate was 170, high side of normal but sounded good and strong. Bill and I are both so excited. Bill woke up this morning and told me he thinks the baby is a boy but who knows. I already have heartburn, not all the time but occasionally in the evening so girl or boy it is sure to have hair. We go back to the doctor in 1 month.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Pregnancy

I thought I would post an update on my pregnancy. So far everything is going well. I feel great except I am TIRED! I have had a few intermittent moments of nausea, nothing to complain about though. I never had any nausea or vomiting when I was pregnant with Sydney so my prayer was for the same this time. I am already wearing maternity pants on some days but I started out 10 pounds heavier this time. I ran while I was pregnant with Sydney until around 5 months but I never got back into running after she was born. I honestly do not have the time. I walk 2 miles every weekday morning with my neighbor so hopefully I can stay in shape. When I was pregnant with Sydney I started dilating around 28 weeks and I am praying this does not happen again. I know that every pregnancy is different so I will just have to wait and see. I am going to the doctor next week so we should be able to hear the heart beat for the first time. We are so excited. Sydney is so sweet and understands that I have a baby in my tummy. She pats my belly and kisses my belly good night and says "night night baby." I think she is going to make a great big sis. We will keep you posted!

More Rainy Day Projects

It rained all weekend so Sydney and I had to be creative in entertaining ourselves. Saturday afternoon I decided we would make a craft, bunny faces on paper plates. Sydney has a great time whenever paint is involed. She loved painting her bunnies face and glueing on the eyes. I had to help with the pipe cleaner ears and whiskers. Of course I wanted to make a bunny myself!! See what you think.

Monday, March 9, 2009

weather and zoo trip

Well what a difference a week can make in the temperature. As you can see from our previous post we had a snow storm last Sunday night and this past weekend we had 80 degree weather. We spent as much time as possible outside this past weekend. Saturday Sydney and I went to the park and played and then had a picnic. After Bill got home from work we cleaned up the yard. Sydney loves helping her daddy pick up sticks and rake. She has her own rake and wheel barrow from our neighbors. I cleaned out our sun porch while they cleaned the yard and then we grilled out and had dinner in the porch. Sunday we went to the zoo with our friends the Parkers and then had a cookout at our house. We had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperatures!

As a side note if you have never been the the NC zoo in Asheboro NC it is wonderful. It happens to be five minutes from our house so we have a membership but we really enjoy all the exhibits.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Day Activities

Here are a few pictures of Sydney having indoor fun. The painting pics are from this past weekend, she loves to paint. I let her paint pictures while I was prepping meals for the week. The pictures of her playing in the oatmeal bin are from several months ago. I usually lay a sheet on the kitchen floor and then let her play in her oatmeal bin. I hide plastic frogs and plastic bugs in the oatmeal and let her dig for them. The bin has a lid and we keep it put up in our laundry room and get it out on a rainy day. I am a bit OCD and oatmeal is very easy to clean up with the dustbuster and okay if she happens to eat some. I am always looking for creative ways to have and entertain my child.

Snow in NC again!!

Wow, another big snow, well big to people who live in North Carolina. Sydney's school is closed for the day, Bill has no appointments and Meghan has to go to work after lunch. We enjoyed some time in the snow this morning. Sydney thought the snow was very tastey!