Friday, May 31, 2013

Wilmington trip

We went to Wilmington for part of Memorial weekend and stayed with my friend Val!  We went downtown by the water and enjoyed the scenery.  We ate ice cream at Kilwins (twice actually), it was so good. 
I sat next to my sweetie on the horse drawn tour we went on of the historic mansions (more pics later). 
The boys, born 6 days apart, sat side by side and watched a movie.  Val and I were pregnant together and now we have boys growing up together. 
This is our family at the movie, we saw Epic which was so fun.  It was Griffin's first trip to the real movie theater.  He only had to get up once to go to the bathroom.
We let the kids get the snack tray, yummy!
Griffin enjoying his ice cream, chocolate!
Sydney also eating PB/chocolate!
Wilmington was so fun.  I still have more pictures to share......soon.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Videos of Softball

Sydney is getting better and better at softball especially her hitting skills.   We are finished with the season but may have a tournament coming up this weekend.  These two videos will always remind us of her first season playing ball.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wilmington National Cemetery

This past weekend we went to Wilmington NC for an overnight trip. One place we saw was the National Cemetery and I stopped to take a few pictures. It was immaculate and every grave had a flag.

We are so thankful for those who served and serve our country!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gate City Park

We went to this park several weeks ago and we had the entire place to ourselves. I loved all the vegetables they had growing and all the fun kids stuff.

We love discovering new parks and places.  Have you made any new discoveries in your backyard lately?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day

This is what happens every year. All I want is a good picture of me with the kids.
Griffin did not want to put his hands down or look at the camera. 
Griffin did not eat much brunch but sure cleaned his plate of chocolate cake!
Decent family pic
Sydney being stubborn!   Griffin's eyes are closed.  


 This one is a bit better.
Oh well we went to church, brunch at the club and relaxed

Friday, May 17, 2013


When we got home from softball Thursday night this is what was waiting for us! A swarm of honey bees! I was about to get out the car when Sydney spotted them a few feet from her car window. I promptly shut my door and backed out of the driveway and parked at the neighbors. Bill got home and we tried calling Terminix but no one was on call, then we tried 911 but they were no help. Bill went around the back of our house and snuck in the side door and then let us in the front. We goggled bee keepers and got a hold of a guy named Brandon who told us not to worry they were harmless. He said they would not sting unless they were about to die. He promised to come over in the morning and bring a bee box to collect them.
Bill recorded a few videos of the process. Brandon applied lemongrass oil on inside of the drawer in the box and scooped some bees and moved them over to the box. He did get stung a few times and he said they were one of the most aggressive swarms he has been around. It turns out that a chemical that Terminix applies to our house was killing some of the bees (hundreds in fact) and that is why they were aggressive. After dark he came back to collect the boxes with all the bees safely inside. He estimated that there were 10,000-25,000 bees in the swarm. It was a bit scary especially at first and then very interesting.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today is a Gift

Take advantage of this day and be thankful.  Use this day to bless someone.  Say a kind word, do a favor, smile at a stranger.  Each day is a gift waiting for us to unwrap the possibility and some of us are guilty of just looking at the package, DIVE IN! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my board

 It was time to redecorate my board above my desk in the office
I wanted bright spring colors
I decided on three categories:  to do
 I love
 and remember
we ordered these boards from pottery barn and I love the clean yet decorative look

Monday, May 6, 2013


my girl sitting across from me at the dinner table
so grown up
so funny at times
so sweet
so creative
there is no one like her, my Sydney

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bicentennial Garden

We recently discovered this garden just around the corner from an outdoor shopping mall we frequent.
Bill and I walked around while the kids rode scooters
I loved all stone walls
we acted silly and posed for pictures
I cannot believe Sydney is getting so tall
everything was in bloom

Sydney took a break and caught a few sun rays
then she directed imaginary music while Griffin took a short break
this tree had a few messages
Sydney took a picture of Bill and I (someone jumped in with us)
I love the subtle curve to these stairs
acting silly on the bridge
the ivy on the trees is lovely
tickle session
this guy looking very mischievous

we will definitely go back to this park
maybe a date for Bill and I with a yummy picnic

have you discovered any new places where you live?