Sunday, April 10, 2011

oatmeal bin

This past Saturday Bill was working and the weather was cold and rainy so we were in the house all day. I am not sure what your kids do when they get bored but mine get whiny so I needed something fun to entertain.

We got out the oatmeal bin that I created when Syd was just little. This was Griffin's first time playing in oatmeal and he though it was hilarious! Despite the big sheet there was oatmeal all over the floor but I had my vacuum handy and it was a quick clean up.

I have a few adorable videos of Griffin just cackling but I cannot seem to upload them so you just get pics.

Sydney tired of the oatmeal play long before Griffin.

At some point noodles got mixed in with oatmeal but we also have some large shells and some plastic fish that they kids can dig for or sift out. They love scooping and filling pie pans with oatmeal. We do not and will not have a sandbox (we get enough of that at daycare) but we do have an oatmeal box.

what do you do with your kids on a cold yucky day?

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