Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maine Trip Part 2 Book Club and Library Tour

While in Maine I went to my sister's book club with her- it was Saturday morning at the Pittsfield Library.  Everyone brought a breakfast dish to share and we discussed The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
Before we started our discussion we were given a tour of the library (one of the club members is the librarian).  The dome mural was awesome- painted by a Maine humorist Tim Sample.

cool bench made from card catalogue
cozy area
kids area
We had a great discussion about the book and other books and various other topics.
I joked that I might have to join the next meeting via Skype- but I did enjoy the group and I wish they were closer.  I plan to read the next book that they are reading called The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown


  1. Isn't that library AMAZING!!! makes me want to drive 1.5 hours north just to hang out there! :) It was so nice to have you join us at the book club!!! (I am soooo sorry that I forgot to introduce you!!! *blush*) Thanks for posting those photos...I love them.

  2. What a great short blog note on coming to our book club mtg...great pics...nice to meet you...we do have a wonderful group of gals, don't we? Take care!

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for posting these, Meghan. I do love my library and am so happy you enjoyed the book club. And you know,we really can Skype for next one!