Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the party continues

Saturday was our friend Max's birthday party at the gymnastics place
Sydney and I had a blast (Bill stayed home with Griffin because he was running a fever and has croup)

Bill and I met Max's parents in our childbirth class and when we went to the hospital to have Sydney Bill ran into Max's dad in the hallway.  We put their little bassinets side by side on November 12th 5 years ago- Max was 1 day old and Sydney had just been born- too bad we did not take a picture.  This one will have to do- Nicole and I got together for a walk with the babies
Sydney and Max together at just a few weeks old
Sydney and Max now
 Max's super cool cake

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  1. We (Daniela & I) have watched each video at least a dozen times. Sounds like you had a blast. A little interview with Sydney would have been cute. I couldn't believe how strong she was to cross the bar. What a fun place to have a b-day. Max still looks the same as when I saw him last at Syd's party, he's a looker and so is his Dino cake. It's great that you all still keep in contact.