Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Monday and Happy Birthday

Hooray for Monday and for our little girls 6th birthday!
Wow it really is crazy how time flies.  I can still remember being pregnant with Sydney and all the anticipation we felt waiting for the arrival of our first child. 

a walk through the previous birthdays



missing right now-stuck on a flash drive


We are looking forward to this week
  •  a special birthday with our girl
  • check ups for both kids at my office, I cannot wait to see where they are on the growth charts
  • my mom arrives on Friday so we have  a weekend full of fun planned
  • of course I have the usual laundry and grocery shopping, plus preparing a few yummy treats while my mom is with us

what do you have planned for this week?


  1. Happy Birthday Sydney! I can't wait to see you later this week. You are officially a big kid now.

  2. Happy Birthday Sydney! I feel bad b/c I didn't know it was her birthday when I saw her at day care this evening. She looked so pretty today!

  3. Its hard to imagine her now with no hair! What a sweet sweet girl! Cant wait for you to see the presents we made for them (and the other cousins too). Ava and I have been BUSY!!