Monday, November 5, 2012

Trip to Mtns/Orchard

This year we wanted to visit our favorite orchard and spend a little time checking out the area so we left on a Saturday afternoon. We stayed in Flat Rock but headed to a nearby town, Hendersonville for dinner.
Griffin eating spaghetti
the restaurant was called Mezzaluna and it was yummy!
while we were eating dinner we saw a horse drawn carriage go by several times and the kids asked to go for a ride
this is Sydney with Peter
family pic- if only Griffin had been looking at the camera
it was fun, a first for all of us riding on a carriage
Sydney and Bill
Juliet was our driver and she was very sweet, we rode up and down the main street in Hendersonville
the town had all kinds of neat shops, it would be great to visit without the kids so we could browse
donuts and a movie back at the hotel
We got up and had breakfast at the hotel, checked out and headed to the orchard.  It was a chilly 5o some degrees, we all layered up and Sydney added Bill's extra jacket.
we were told most of the apples were picked but we could go out and see  what we could find
(last year we went earlier in October and there were still plenty to pick)
a bit of climbing was involved but we did find some Granny Smiths

Griffin, Charlie, Sydney and Sam (the Parker's went with us)
Sky Top Orchard 2012!
Bill and I on the hayride
the view is amazing on top of the mountain
I just thought this rooster was beautiful
bamboo forest


Sydney and Griffin (who would not cooperate)

look how much the kids have grown, remember last year
We had a wonderful time, and now I have 30 lbs of apples to use!  If you have never been to the western part of North Carolina, you need to plan a trip.  The area where we stayed was close to Asheville, Waynesville, Chimney Rock, Brevard and Lake Lure!  We would love to go to the area for a week and just check out all the shops, restaurants and attractions.

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  1. Great Pictures! Apple orchards are so much fun.