Saturday, July 6, 2013

Date Swap #1

We decided to try date swap with our good friends Ellie and Garret. We watch their boys one evening each month while they have date night and they watch our kids one night while we have date night. No lining up a sitter, no money is exchanged just trading off kids so we can have some time with our spouses each month.   For our first night out we went to Bistro 42 for dinner and then headed over to a new place in town called The Table.  We had coffee and dessert and just talked.   
the inside is so simplistic and comfortable
I love the chandelier with mason jars
we had a great night and our kids had fun too
We met Ellie and Garret in the baby room at the daycare when Sam and Sydney were just a few months old so we know them well and they know our kids.  There are very few people I can leave my kiddos with and not worry the whole time I am away, it is a blessing to have such great friends.
how do you find time to get out with your spouse?

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