Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 4th

Once again my parents came to watch our kiddos for the week of the 4th! This is such a fun tradition.
Our club has a hot dog lunch and games for the kids.  Bill and Sydney in the water balloon toss.
Griffin tossing balls into stars
Snuggling and waiting out the rain
Sydney on the high dive ready to compete for the smallest splash
it was rather small
the judges gave her a 7
My mom with Griffin
Grandpa spraying the wild man
Off the high dive for the biggest splash
cannon ball
The kids had to collect pop cans off the bottom of the pool, Sydney picked up 13!
Then they collected coins, she is quite the swimmer
Fourth of July bbq and cheesecakes!
It was a great day and we were thankful to have family to celebrate with. 
My mom posted pictures of bowling and delishi fun on her blog and here is a peek back at 2011, wow how they have grown.  Here is 2010 pictures.

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