Friday, November 6, 2009

Play date

Griffin had his first play date yesterday. I met my friend Val in Raleigh for the day and she brought her new baby Vincent! Griffin is 6 days older than Vincent. They look about the same size in the picture but in person Griffin is a bit longer and heavier for sure.
They are in the same exact position, so cute. We took this picture in a sitting room outside the ladies restroom in Macy's! We were in there over an hour, nursing, changing diapers and talking. We had a great time.

Hopefully these boys will grow up together! Val and I met in PA school and both moved to NC. We live several hours apart which is a bummer but we can met in the middle from time to time and hang out. This was our first time with our boys, so exciting.


  1. Awww... look at them "playing!" :) So cute! My friend Mary Beth and I used to frequent the "women's lounge" at Von Maur with the babies and do the same thing! Glad you are having fun!

  2. they look like twins in the top two pictures... which one is which??? is griffin the one on the left? i'm only guessing that because you said he was longer and that one looks longer... what a horrible aunt am i, huh?

  3. Griffin is on the right, the one with very little hair!

  4. my bad... hard to judge length and weight from pictures...