Friday, June 17, 2011


Has anyone blessed you lately with their generosity?  Well our family has been blessed several times lately.  We have great neighbors, and we are so thankful.  They love us and our kids and it shows.  A month or two ago my husband was working so much, I think the record was six days a week for seven weeks in a row.  Normally he works every other Saturday but he covered for a few people and worked extra when there was a need.  So anyway he was working crazy and my neighbors knew it.  One evening I drove in with the kids and I noticed the grass was cut out front.  I was thinking to myself when in the world did Bill find time to cut the grass.  Then I saw my neighbor just finishing up the backyard.  I could not believe it.  My husband is down right neurotic about the yard and the only thing that keeps him from keeping the yard in tip top shape all the time is not having time.  My neighbor told me he knew how busy Bill was and that he did not want him to spend his one day off working in the yard.  Wow, so generous.  A few weeks later this same neighbor's wife blessed me, well all of us really.  I had been out of town at a wedding and she brought over steaks, potatoes and asparagus for us to grill the night Bill picked me up from the airport.  She knew I was out of town and when my flight was getting in and wanted to make my dinner plans easy.  She is so sweet.  This same neighbor is always bringing by farmer's market finds, just this past week she bought us at least 25 fresh peaches.  Sunday while Griffin napped Sydney went over to her house to hang out which allowed me to get some work done without any distractions.  I am so thankful for wonderful neighbors and their generosity. 


  1. WOW! How wonderful! Can I come live next door too? :) Kidding...we have very generous people in our lives too. Good to know those kinds of people.

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