Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Garden ready

We have had some very warm weather- mid 60's low 70's in the last few weeks and it makes me want to get outside and start the gardening plans.
I found these pots at Lowes and I will be planting a few tomato and bush cucumber plants in them.
The rest of my plants will go in my raised beds and also this one landscaped area.  I may plant one blueberry plant in a pot and one in the ground and see which one does better. 

The kids and I started our seeds on the 29th of February so they will be ready to move outside mid April.
They had fun adding the water and watching the soil expand

We already have little seeds sprouting and we are so excited.  We planted in 72 cells- 3 varieties of tomatoes and 2 varieties of peppers.
Tomatoes:  bush early girl hybrid, patio princess hybrid and cherry roma
Peppers:  Golden Baby Belle, and Jalapeno Gigante
we also bought squash saffron straight neck and cucumber bush champion
I planted garlic a month or so ago so we will see how that works out

Are you planning a garden?

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