Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Favorite

Sound Bingo is our new favorite game.  The game is made by Kindermusik and available at  My sister told me that my mom had gotten the game for her kids and it was a lot of fun.  So for Christmas it was one of the ideas I gave grammie for the kids.  Well it is such a hit.  In the box is a CD and each track on the CD is a sound which corresponds to a picture on the game board.  For instance a kitten meowing or a bell ringing.  On the game it says ages 3 and up and the little marker pieces are small but made out of cardboard.  Griffin loves to play and he is pretty good at recognizing the sounds.  Griffin's favorite sound is the fire truck and Sydney loves the bag pipes.  We have played several times and I enjoy it as much as the kids.  They get so excited when they have a bingo, although we have to help Griffin recognize that he has four in a row.  I would highly recommend this game and I may use it a a gift idea in the future!  Do you have any favorite games for children?

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