Monday, June 17, 2013

Class and Family Rules

I saw this idea on The Pleated Poppy Blog and knew I wanted to give it a try.  So when the canvases were on sale at hobby lobby I bought a few.  I already had thick card stock and the modge podge- matte finish.  I bought a small container of acrylic paint to coordinate with the paper colors and painted the sides and edges of the canvas.  Then I started cutting stripes of paper and writing my rules.  I used permanent black marker and varied my fonts but you could use stickers or rub ons for the words.  The smaller canvas was easier because I did not have to glue the stripes of paper to fit the width.  I varied how I finished the edges, tearing some, using fancy scissors on others and cutting straight across on the rest.  When I was ready to glue my stripes on I covered the canvas with modge podge and started placing the stripes, overlapping just a tad.

Then I applied several layers of modge podge to the top, one at a time with a day of dry time in between each layer. 
This is the finished product that I made for Sydney's teacher.  I had Sydney write her name and the year on the back edge of the canvas in permanent marker.  Her teacher loved it!   I need to have Bill hang our family rules on the wall.   This picture is dark for some reason, sorry.  I am planning to make one for a baby shower gift with a poem on it.  The ideas are endless. 

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