Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sydney's kindergarten graduation

Sydney's kindergarten graduation - welcome
Mrs Fearnside and Ms Graham, so excited yet sad to let the kids go
Sydney and Mrs Fearnside
Sydney was given the Milky Way Award "for setting an example for others by having quality work that was OUT OF THIS WORLD." 

Me and my girl, wow when did she grow up
Bill and Sydney (he used more Kleenex than I did)
Sydney and Kylie
Sydney and Noah
hugs goodbye
The kids performed a few songs and the teachers put together an awesome video presentation (too long to upload- but I do have a DVD copy).  We have become great friends with Mrs Fearnside and her family because the girls played softball together.  We are not saying goodbye to them, just kindergarten.  It was an awesome year, Sydney loved school and I thoroughly enjoyed being one of the class mom's. 

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