Thursday, January 6, 2011

random info

Sydney was walking around the house last night singing Sugarland "Joey, I'm so sorry." Cracks me up.

I took Sydney to the ENT yesterday for a check up and she is doing great, tubes look wonderful, which I knew because I check periodically. Afterwards I took her to McDonald's and she got a free ice cream cone (yeah coupons) and you would have thought she won the lotto!

I went for a power walk yesterday (part of my New Year's goals to get more exercise and tone up) but I took a cookie on the walk. Oh well. There were more geese on the golf course than golfers but it was rather cold.

I thought we had a doctor meeting today but I was mistaken so now I have no lunch. I have so many yummy left overs at home.

I am going to have to take all the chairs out of the kitchen unless we are sitting in them because Griffin will not stay off the table! I told my friends with boys that I am so sorry for ever thinking their children were unruly because they climb. I now know that there is no way to control these little boys. Sydney was never a climber so this is new territory.

I am amazed that my kitchen floor can go from completely clean to trashed in less than a day, oh thats right I have a 4 year old and a 15 month old. Oh well, thank God for dustbusters.

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