Monday, January 10, 2011

Sydney and reading

Sydney loves to read, always has and I hope always will. Sydney and I have been reading together since she was in my belly. We have been reading chapter books lately and she received a few for Christmas from Grammie La la. We just started reading Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards. I do not remember ever reading Mandy but I may have. Sydney loves it and has already incorporated parts of the book into her imaginary play. She was talking about plans for a house she is creating and how it will have a room covered in sea shells. Sydney and I usually read together right before she gets in bed and this is our special time. Have you read Mandy? What have you read with your kids lately?

Sydney with Aunt Rita

Sydney with Grandma Patti

new book from la la

looking at books

books and puzzle book

listening to momma

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