Saturday, March 12, 2011


Our little girl has been sick and is starting to feel better. We are so thankful. Friday as I was about to go in with my first patient after lunch the daycare called me at work to say Sydney was sick. Throwing up to be exact. I immediately get that sinking feeling in my stomach, I hate when one of my kids is sick. So I tell them I will be on my way or maybe one of the nurses. Of course I was working and one doctor instead of the usual four providers. One of the daycare workers went in to check on Sydney while I was on the phone with her and said "oh Meghan its in her hair". This just did it for me, I told the nurses to reschedule anyone that was not sick and I would be right back. I drove to get Sydney, 5 minute drive from my office. When I walked in the room she was sitting in a chair next to the trash can and immediately started to cry when she saw me. The ladies had rinsed out her hair and put in back in a ponytail. I scooped her up with all her bags of dirty clothes and carried her to the car. Thank God for emesis bags because Sydney used about 8 of them. My staff sat with her while I saw a few patients and then I took a look at her, of course her throat was red so I convinced her to let me swab her throat- normally she puts up a huge fight but I do not think she had it in her. Strep throat! Sydney has had strep 11 times now, 8 times prior to having her tonsils out and now three times since. Her doctor came in and took a look at her and we agreed it was best to give her a bicillin shot since she could not stop throwing up. She agreed to the shot and again barely put up a fight. I wrapped up my messages and again packed her up. She threw up in the parking lot again and on the way to the daycare to pick up Griffin. After we got home she was sick at least 10-15 more times and I knew she was dehydrated so I called her doctor on call and requested zofran. Bill was on his way home so he stopped at the pharmacy. She had zofran at 815 and finally stopped vomiting. Prior to this she has only vomited once in her life (if my memory serves me). We kept her up for a while and pushed pedialyte and then she slept beside our bed. She did not wake up til 8 which is 2 hours past her normal time but she was up til almost 10. Today she has eaten 2-3 saltines and 1/2 grilled cheese. She refused applesauce but she has had more pedialyte and milk. I hated to give her milk so soon but it is all she wanted so I gave in. I have not given any more zofran but she has not gotten sick again. I just tucked her in and I think she will sleep well. I am thankful we have access to medical care and that we have medications like zofran to help our little girl, otherwise I think we would have ended up with an IV to keep her hydrated.
What are you thankful for today?

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