Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll Start

Did you jump in and comment on the last I'll Start post? If not now is your chance.

Do you have any friends or relatives that you have lost touch with and you desire to reunite? I have a friend who I was close with in High School and part of college and then we just became different people. We just lost touch and I have not spoken to her in years. I think of her periodically and wonder where she and and what she is doing. Even though we drifted apart I believe we would get along now and have lots of things in common. I have tried to find this friend on face book and she is not there, at least not with her maiden name. Maybe some day our paths will cross again and we will reconnect. My old friends name is Shannon Smith.

Who is it that you want to reconnect with?

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  1. I have really lost touch with Sarah Carpenter...we did all our math together all the you remember her? Kind of the same thing...different life circumstances and we have lost touch. I never thought that would happen to her and I!