Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bride and Groom

Introducing Mr and Mrs Marcus Hall!

the entire wedding party minus Ryder
everyone looked great and the flowers were beautiful!
Bill's daughter Laura sang at the wedding and her voice is amazing
First dance
Shoes- Lindsey had some fun pink shoes (she loves pink) and Marcus wearing chuck taylors
every guy in the wedding party received a pair of black chuck taylors to change into at the reception- fun!
riding the trolley- so fun

At brunch the next morning, aren't they a great looking couple?
I took plenty of pictures while on the trip including ones of them at the church and the reception but it was dark and the lighting just wasn't great.  I was also busy just enjoying the wedding and at the reception keeping after the kids.  We are so excited to welcome Lindsey to the family. I will share more wedding pics soon, I am borrowing pics that the photographers took and there are a lot of great ones.

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