Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden is doing very well.  We have had lots of cucumbers and they are delicious!  The vines are actually climbing the tree next to our shed so I keep joking that we have a cucumber tree.  I just hope I can reach the cucumbers that grow towards the top. 
We are starting to pick tomatoes and they are yummy!  I have made a black bean salsa and we have been eating sliced tomato on salad and also omelets. 
I picked a bunch of basil and froze it with a small amount of water in ice cube trays and then put the cubes in zip locks.
My cilantro went to seed so I picked the seeds to save til next year and I planted the last of the store bought seeds- I really wanted fresh cilantro when the tomatoes were ripe.  I did pick some a few weeks back and froze the leaves.
No peppers yet but they are growing.
My zucchini plants died so we started over from seed so it will be awhile.  Some of the ladies at my office have gardens and they have been giving us squash and zucchini.

Anyone one know the name of this scary guy?
He was on the side of the raised bed of my garden and I had to knock him off with a broom before I could reach in a pick cucumbers.  I wasn't sure if his spear was a stinger or if it's purpose is to flip him back over if he gets stuck on his back (like toe horseshoe crab).  Do you know?

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  1. Oh so jealous of all the wonderful garden goodies! We didn't venture out this year...maybe next year! That is one ugly bug! I have no idea what it is.