Saturday, July 9, 2011


Are you ever in a slump?  Do you ever want to bury your head in the covers or disappear for a few days.  Let me start by saying I am fine but man life can be a bummer.  I feel defeated at times and over whelmed.  I am tired of myself at this point.  There are days that I am not proud of the mom and wife that I am.  I want to be patient and fun but I find myself inpatient and like a dictator at times.  I think in blog land we all post about the good things in our lives because no one wants to read about other peoples problems because we all have our own.  But I feel more normal when I have a girl night and my friends confess they have the same struggles.  I know that real life is full of struggles, kids are challenging, marriage is rough and bad things happen to good people.  I should know when I get like this I need to surround myself with uplifting people, music and scripture.  I want to snap out of it but that is easier said than done.  I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and working toward being more joyful.

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  1. Yes and yes...a lot. Sometimes the weight of the world is just too much...good friends who are ending their marriage, a dear friend who is watching her husband's life crumble with addiction, a grandmother who is losing her life to altzheimers, a mother and aunt who are caring for a mother who doesn't know them, a family member who is suffering emotionally and physically, and new daily sadnesses, in addition to mine and my husband's own grief as we deal daily with the loss of a child...yes, a lot of times I wish I could stay in bed with the covers over my head. Keep hanging on. God is good in the midst of the slump. Hugs, Christy