Thursday, July 14, 2011


Asheboro has a new frozen yogurt shop!  Yum oh.  In the picture below is my mom and Sydney picking the flavor of yogurt.  You have the choice of 10 flavors and you can also select twist.

Papa was keeping track of the little ones and pushing them in the high chairs- this was an easy way to keep them still.  Yes Sydney is sampling which you are not supposed to do.

After you pick your yogurt you have lots of choices to make because they have every topping imaginable.  They have all the traditional fruit and berries, plus candy crumbles, various cereals, graham cracker crumbs, oreo cookie, gummy butterflies, sour worms, nutella, hot fudge, carmel, then less traditional things like cheesecake bites, fudges brownies, turtles, raspberry truffles.  They have a few things I have never heard of moshi and di'lishi balls.  I was told moshi was made of rice and is Asian and dilishi balls are strawberry and orange flavor and almost burst in your mouth. 
Sydney was so excited when I let her pick several toppings.  She choose chocolate yogurt and added- brownie bites, skittles, gummy butterflies, and heath bar.
Griffin and I shared vanilla yogurt with chocolate toppings- Reece's and health bar. 
Mom and Daniela were a bit healthier and had fruit on theirs.
Papa went back and got his after we were settled and he had all kinds of toppings. 
I will be honest and tell you that I have been back twice since this first visit. 
I think I am going to have a bit of an issue because this place is within walking distance of my office.

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