Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Yard Projects

We have been working so hard in the yard, truthfully Bill has done most of the labor because I am usually supervising the kids.  Bill trimmed all the bushes and the Japanese Maple in this bed and also tore out a ton of vines.  The vines are on the fence and they were taking over extending all the way past the line from the large center tree! 
I am not sure if we have ever had it cleared out so much and whether we knew there were rocks all the way around the bed.  Now when I am back at the raised beds I do not have to worry about what may be lurking in the vines and I can walk on both side of the bed to pick produce.

I added a few new plants, a Nikko blue Hydrangea (5 dollars at lowes) and a Maruc Deep Purple Salvia (4.48 at lowes) .  I also planted two ballon plants (? I think this is what they are called) that I bought froma fundraiser and they are coming up towards the back of the bed.  I have 1 top hat blueberry in the pot and one in the ground in this bed. 
We added all new pineneedles to the yard and dark fine mulch to all the raised beds- I am hoping to keep everything moist this year during the hot season.
Kids drawing on blanket while Bill and I worked on clearing vines and spreading mulch

Bill trimmed all these bushes and scrubbed (oh yes he is OCD) the gas tank and heat/air pumps

Everything around front was trimmed also and new needles put down, plus Bill washed the front and side of the house where there was a thin green mildew growing on siding

It all looks great and we are thankful to be about done with yard projects, of course there is always more stuff to do.

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