Friday, May 18, 2012

Strawberry Picking!

Remember last year when Sydney and I went to pick strawberries?  This year we took Griffin along.  He was not much of a help picking because he ate everything he put in his basket!  We picked about 10 lbs this year and boy were they delicious.

We went with my friend and her family and she was kind enough to get a picture of me and the kids.
Griffin thought this onion was rather fun.  See the juice on his chin? 


  1. Our kids love berry picking. I think that they eat their weight in berries when we are at the farm. At home Natalie always asks for the berries not to be washed like in the field! I think that it is great and they learn where strawberries come from....not just the plastic cases at the store! Your kids are so cute....I love strawberry stained faces!!!!

  2. I LOVE strawberries. Those look amazing!!!