Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll Start....

Okay let's try something new and learn about each other. Every week or so when I think about it I will ask a question. It will just be a random question and then I will start by giving you my answer and you can comment and share your response. If you could spend a day anywhere tomorrow, no expenses, no arrangements just snap your fingers and be there for 24 hours where would you go.
I'll start....This would be tough because I have to pick just one place but I would go to Maine and visit with my sister and her family. I have not met my nephew Henry and he is 4 months old and I have not seen Michael and Ava since I was pregnant with Griffin. While in Maine I would want to go to Bar Harbor, this is a fabulous place where Bill and I honeymooned. I would have a few restaurant requests but really I would just be happy to have 24 hours with my sister and her family.

It's your turn where would you go...


  1. I would go anywhere warm and SUNNY. I am just really craving summer right now. :) :)

  2. For a place I've already been, Ireland - County Wicklow, probably.

    For a new place, Tuscany.

  3. I'd love to see each of my daughters, but that's more than one trip, so I'll put that idea aside and say....... Minnesota to visit my old best friend, Sherry. She moved away when our youngest daughters were in Kindergarten, that's about 17 years ago and I'm still missing our soul sister relationship after all these years.

  4. I would go to Italy and eat, drink, listen to beautiful music, and be merry!