Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family tree project

I had this idea for a project.  We found a few leaves in the yard I picked a shape that would be easy for Sydney to cut. 
We used a sponge to cover the leaf and then made prints on thick white paper.
We talked about how each leaf on a tree is different and each print came out differently.  We talked about how each person in a family is different and each family is different.

We let Griffin paint too!

Once the paint dried I let Sydney cut out each leaf (good fine motor skill practice)
Then I asked Sydney who was in our family...she named various people and was sure to include the pets, Dannon (my mom's dog), Squeaky (our guinea pig) and Coco (Marcus' dog).  Sydney included all Bill's big kids and also her cousins.  She also named some of our close friends who are like our family-Parker's and Mabus'- but we left them off the tree because we ran out of leaves.  I wrote down the names on the leaves and actually grouped families. 
Then I let Sydney glue each leaf where she wanted on the tree.

Isn't it cute? Oh yeah I painted the trunk with the sponge and then covered her arm and hand and made the branches. 


  1. Totally cute, what a great idea. Just one question, did Gramie Lala make it on the tree?

  2. yes you and grampie and dannon