Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (Repost)

Here is the entry I posted last year for Mother's Day:

What makes a person a mother? Well the obvious answer is having a child, or is it? Just because someone gives birth I am not so sure that makes them a mother. There are plenty of mothers who did not physically give birth to their children. Merriam Webster online defines a mother as a female parent. I think this is a good definition. A parent is defined as one that begets or brings forth offspring or a person that brings up and cares for another. Personally I think mothers are a special breed. I believe God had a special design for females/mothers. As mothers we have special abilities and roles. We mothers have an endless supply of love for our children. When it seems everyone else has tired, given up, or forgotten a mother will still be there. So Happy Mother's day to all the mothers who have:

-felt the pains of labor and given birth

-waited for a child through adoption

-stayed up all night with a sick child

-sacrificed something they wanted or needed so they could provide for their child
-answered all the why questions
-packed lunches and snacks

-kissed boo boos better
-helped with homework

-sang to their child

-fought for their child to receive the services and therapies they deserve
-taught their child something

-waited for a diagnosis for a sick child
-become a better person for their child
-prayed for the future for their child

-said "I love you"

-read their child a book

-stayed out in the rain to watch your child at a sporting event
-set curfews and boundaries

-coached a team their child was on
-said no when it would have been much easier to say yes

If you are a mother, enjoy your day and keep being a wonderful mother!

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