Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon dates

        Last weekend Bill and I decided to have individual dates with the kids. We typically do things together but the kids feel extra special when they get one on one time.  After church we all had lunch and then Sydney and I headed to the theater to see Brave, while Griffin and Bill went up to the club to hit golf balls and then rode a golf cart around the neighborhood.
           The boys driving down to club (don't worry that Griffin is not in carseat, it is just down the road).
                                       Sydney snuggled up at movie- it was very enjoyable. 
                                  Later that night Bill and Griffin caught up on some yard work.
Do you spend time individually with your children or is it easier to go on group outings?

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  1. I have 9 kids so we have to rotate date night between them. Then add in date night with hubbie and we are pretty busy. I think it is important for one on one with the kids. They need to feel special.