Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swan Lake

While in Maine we went to Swan Lake a few times! It is such a great place, with beautiful surroundings, warm water and we had great company.

I love this picture of the kids heading down to the water, Sydney and Michael holding hands.
seriously, it does not get much more beautiful than this

Griffin loving the water

Henry was happy to play with trucks and rocks
Me with my big sis
Sydney floating

picnic time

Griffin pulling toys and carrying timbits (little donuts)

kiddos, isn't Michael so GQ

I love this Michael taking a break from all the action to watch his little brother

Griffin happy with trucks

this was the rain moving in the first day we went, we ended up waiting it out and having a picnic in the back of my sister's friends van
 same view another day- so pretty
we loved Swan Lake and also the ice cream stop on the way home!


  1. Gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful trip! I have had Maine on my list of "must sees" for a very long time! Hope to get there soon. :)

    1. Christy, Maine is a must! So much beauty and so many wonderful towns to see, harbors to visit, lighthouses to discover, and great food to eat!

  2. It looks like I missed a great time at the lake. I loved the hand holding, Michael watching Henry, Griffin with the precious TimBits and the bridge photo. Thanks for catching those memories and sharing them with us.