Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here we go

Sydney cutting off a chain link- count down to MAINE!
Bright and early departure 6 am, McDonald's breakfast sandwich. The kids literally jumped out of bed when they heard the alarm, they were so excited to go to Maine.

I packed a large basket of books and special activities for the drive.  Both kids have a travel aqua doodle which is fun and very easy to travel.  I keep a water bottle up front with me to refill the pens.

Our neighbor bought the kids they glow sticks for the 4th but they had fun with them once it got dark- they were holding them up to their windows showing all the other drivers.  The first day driving we went all the way to Connecticut before we stopped to sleep.  North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut!  The second day was Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  The kids actually traveled very well the first day, hardly any whining at all, they knew that we would not be in Maine until the next day so they just enjoyed the ride.
Griffin looking at a new book from the library
Sydney working on her binder- full of color by number, practice writing sheets, blank pages, finish the pattern pages and more.  She had a little pencil case with new crayons, colored pencils, small scissors and glue stick.
Bill is a happy driver if he has dry roads and a cup of hot coffee.
I made bags of tickets for the kids, the tickets were colored squares of paper that were numbered 1-14.  Every hour I asked them for a ticket in exchange for a prize, Sydney needed to identify the number and Griffin went by colors.  Some of the prizes were candy, like smarties or fruit snakes (treats for my kids) and some were little cars, stickers.  I had zipper lock bags of the little puffy stickers that have the paper on the back- they kids had fun making a picture using the stickers- cars, trucks, panes, helicopters and boats.

Finally we arrived in the state of Maine, you know you are in Maine when there is a moose statue at a travel plaza.
More pictures to come, I am still getting back in the groove.


  1. Your the coolest Mom planning all those car activities for the kids. I have yet to see that moose. I love the travel plazas that feature the guy who takes photos of his dogs, I did a post on it last year I believe.