Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of School

Sydney with Griffin. Of course we picked out her outfit the night before and I think she was so excited she did not sleep well. She went ahead and got dressed before eating breakfast and then I did her hair and painted her nails. I went ahead and took Griffin to daycare and met Sydney and Bill at the school.
In her classroom with her backpack on

Her teacher took pictures of each family on her camera (and ours)
and we took a picture of Mrs Fearnside with Sydney
Sydney was a bit clingy and hesitant to let us go but her teacher distracted her and a few others and we headed out. 
Bill and I walked out of the school holding hands, saying we want to home school.  Actually we do not want to home school and we know she is in great hands we are just in shock at how quickly we got to the school years.  Our baby girl is in kindergarten!
I picked her up at the after school building which is about 2 miles down the road from my office.  She was playing when I got there and one of  the leaders said she did just fine. 
On the way to pick up Griffin we talked about her day, and she was excited to tell me about it, yet tired.  She sat with a friend (that we know from daycare) at lunch.  She told me I did not need to pack a napkin in her lunch bag because they get a napkin, silverware and a straw when they get to the lunch room.  She also had a choice of white or chocolate milk and she picked chocolate.  For lunch I packed her clementines, an apple, cheese (cut in the shape of hearts and stars), crackers and brownie (a heart and a star). 
Bill was home for dinner so he was able to hear all about her day and tuck her in to bed. 
Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous first day, and you are AMAZING for blogging all of these first memories! And for cutting cheese and brownies into cute shapes! :)

    I went to high school with her teacher, and Syd is in great hands!! She will have a fabulous year! Tell Mrs. Fearnside that I said hello.

    And for the record, I missed the clinginess part. Max stormed the room, greeted his teacher, put his book bag in his cubby with no prompts, and then sat right down at his desk (again with no prompts) and started playing with the shapes on his group of desks. Scott and I had to walk over to Max and interrupt him to tell him goodbye... that was the saddest part of my day---he didn't even think twice, and seemed to not even need us anymore... :(

    Tell Sydney congratulations on a great first day, and we hope tomorrow is even better!

  2. Almost made me cry. I can't wait to talk to her, will call on Thurs. if not before. I have Thurs. off.