Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are getting ready.....

.....for kindergarten to start.  Sydney is so excited and actually so are the rest of us.  I am always a bit nervous about change in any situation, especially when it involves the kids.  Each time the kids have moved up a room at daycare I was nervous.  I worry they will be unsettled or just not happy with their new environment.  Every time both kids have "moved up" they have been fine. 

Sydney is ready.  Ready for a new environment, she is one of the oldest at daycare now and so she is ready to learn new things and be around more kids her age and kids at her level of maturity.  We have met her teacher and she attended kindergarten camp and is familiar with the school.  We visited the after school building and she already knows the adults in the building (many of whom have worked at her daycare).  We bought an extra car seat for Bill's car since he will be taking her to school each morning.  The school supplies have been bought and we already have her backpack and lunch bag.  Thankfully we did not need to go clothes shopping because we received so many hand me downs and have stuff that still fits until the weather changes so we are set on clothing.  Sydney wants me to pack her lunch "because we have never done that before" and we have already discussed some of the things she would like in her lunch. 

Some of her suggestions:
salad with chopped egg (like daddy)
key lime or vanilla yogurt
apple, grapes, a pear
peanut butter and honey sandwich or ham and cheese
cheese stick
spreadable wedge cheese and crackers
chocolate pudding
a note on a napkin (like daddy gets in his lunch)

So we are ready.  We have a meeting at the school on the 24th and then her first day is actually the 27th.  Until then we are soaking up our time with our girl and enjoying the rest of the summer. 

Griffin had to have a new backpack just like his big sis


  1. Awww such an exciting time! She looks so grown up with a bookbag! I like her lunch suggestions :)

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  3. Tell Sydney I can't wait to hear all about her first day of school,so Please call Gramie LaLa. The next two weeks will surely fly by fast.

  4. Hey woman! Sounds like she will be just fine, but I am a worrier too, so I do the same thing you do! My anticipation of the first day of kindergarten was way worse than the actual first day, which is good. It's a little bittersweet, but mostly awesome to see how excited and "big" they are!