Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Party

Follow the balloons to our Dr Seuss birthday party...
Truffala trees- cotton candy on a stick
hats- marsh mellows dipped in melted chocolate with red chocolate stripes
yummy food
Birthday girl- Sydney
Happy Birthday banner
Syd and Cadence
Griffin and Charlie
Griffin, he did not want to pose with his hat on so this was the best picture I could capture
Me playing Dr Seuss bingo with the kids
Happy Birthday to Sydney and Griffin!
new toys
Kylie and Rylie
Swedish fish in goody bags and coloring packets

The party was a hit!  I enjoyed making all the decorations and food and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating. 


  1. I do not like Dr. Suess.
    He is such a silly goose.
    But your party was really grand.
    Wish I could have lent a hand.

    Ten points for you,
    A super job done.
    I Love You, I love you,

  2. What a creative idea! Glad you all had a great time!!