Wednesday, October 3, 2012

zoo times two

I took the kids to the zoo on the 22nd for a great apes program. Our zoo has two new baby gorillas both born in August.   One's name is Bomassa and the other is unnamed- the zoo is giving a sponsor the right to name the gorilla when they donate money to pay for a shelter structure for the gorillas.  Can you see the baby in this mamas right arm? 
this is another baby on this mamas back

our zoo also has a new baby giraffe, Juma (I believe)

Sydney's first field trip was last Friday and it was to the zoo!  Here is her class with teacher Mrs Fearnside and assistant Ms Graham.  Sydney is in the middle back row.
Bill went with her and they had a great time.

Two zoo trips within a week of each other.  We love the zoo!

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