Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Closet organization

Our house is challenged in the way of closets- both the kids rooms have walk in closets but our room has two small wall closets. I store numerous things in both of the closets, seasonal items, games, craft supplies, wrapping paper, gifts, baby items and more. Every so many months things just seem to get out of hand and it is hard to even walk in the closet and then hard to find what I am looking for. So the kids and I decided to completely empty, and organize the closet.
Can you see Griffin trying to hide? Once the closet was empty I vacuumed and dusted the shelves.
all the stuff spread out
we threw away a few things and organized some things better, for example all the rubber stamps were mixed up and Sydney helped me categorize them

Everything back in the closet- ah I feel so much better when things are organized.

Do you enjoy organizing?

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  1. Yes, but I don't do it as much as I would like. Our house is also closet challenged. When we moved in, I couldn't find the entry hall closet...because it wasn't there! I didn't realize that before we bought the house. The entry hall closet is where I used to store the vacuum cleaner and coats! The only closets in the house are in the bedrooms. Makes it challenging to find a home for all the stuff! :) Your project turned out great!