Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tissue Paper Night Lights

My kids love to craft (and so do I) so I am always looking for new craft ideas. I actually have a file of craft ideas and I have lots of craft supplies. I saw this idea on Kiwi Crate's website and I knew it would be fun. I had the jars, tissue paper and glue, I just had to buy the battery operated tea lights.

I let the kids cut their own squares of paper and then go to town on covering the jars. 

the finished product
we had so much fun and it was very simple and not too messy

I may actually make some myself to decorate our mantle at Christmas.  We could have added glitter or ribbon or sequins to dress them up a bit but we kept it simple today.  If you try this craft let me know and share how yours turned out. 

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  1. LOVE, what a wonderful idea!!! They look like they really enjoyed it too :)