Friday, August 2, 2013


Once again VBS is another summer highlight.  This is the first year Griffin has been old enough to actually participate in the main event and I wanted to be his crew leader.  He has always enjoyed being in the nursery and he actually requested that I let him go there a few times during the week.  Being Griffin's crew leader meant that I was not with Sydney and I did miss seeing her but she was in capable hands.
Griffin making a cross with his hand prints on a shield 
Game using Vaseline to help cotton balls stick to the kids noses- the cotton balls were sheep and they were trying to get them all in the pen.  We talked about David watching over his sheep.
It was so funny to watch them
Griffin decorating his crown with jewels
getting ready to fill cross necklaces with colored sand
Praise time back with all the groups, so sweet that my kids wanted to be together
Sydney ready to climb the rock wall (family night fun on the last night)
She was amazing and fearless!

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