Monday, August 19, 2013

School Lunch Ideas

We are gearing up for back to school and I am going to make an effort to provide Sydney with healthy and yummy lunches.  Sydney is not what I would call a picky eater but she is my pickier eater (does that make sense).  Last year I packed her lunch some of the time and then she ate school lunch when groceries were low or when I did not have things she wanted.  I know the school offers fruits and veggies but she can be picky about these and often would tell me she did not eat any of the fruits or veggies offered.  We have been trying to eat less processed food which is more work for me and some weeks it is just challenging.  I have been trying more recipes to put in my go to menu options that are not processed and healthy. 
So these are some of my ideas for Syd's lunches:

Muffin:  poppy seed (I will share recipe in next few days), pumpkin chocolate, banana oatmeal and zuchini with chocolate chips

Bean dip and chips
egg salad with mini triscuits
pimento cheese with triscuits
trail mix

meat and cheese roll ups
whole wheat bread with PB and nutella
fruit- maybe kabobs
carrots with ranch or spinach dip

You can actually subscribe to this blog for a menu.   My goal is to pack my children a nutritous and yummy lunch that will give them the energy they need for their day.  Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I am super behind on reading people's blogs :)

    These are great kiddos love egg salad, too. They like just plain hard boiled eggs, too. I thought I about making some up. Popcorn is also a huge hit for them. I have made my own fruit roll-ups before, they were good. I just found a blueberry one I want to try next. They also love homemade biscuits, especially when I make biscuit pizzas out of them. They used to have a microwave the kids could use at lunch time...but they didn't see it this year :( Hopefully they bring it back!