Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favorite Story

Sydney loves to hear the story of  when she was born.  She thinks it is funny that I ate lots of Mexican food the night before and that Bill and I almost spent the night at our friends house in Greensboro and thankfully decided against it just in case I went in to labor.  She laughs when I tell her that when I was sure I was having contractions and woke Bill up he wanted to take a shower and I said "no, we need to leave now."  She also loves the part about Bill and I walking the halls and talking about how exciting it was that it was the day of her birth.  Then just before she was born I told Bill we had plenty of time and he went down to the cafeteria to get breakfast only to have the nurse run down moments later and tell him to hurry or he was going to miss his daughter being born.  Bill and I love to reminisce on this joyous time and she loves to hear the story over and over.  Do your kids know the story of their birth?

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  1. I'm not sure, do you? you know, know the story of your birth? How you were the easiest labor until it came to the pushing out part and you were butt first with your feet against your ears. Ouch! You were the tinest of the four girls and had the most hair. You even had hair on your shoulders and my only babe to spend time in an incubator. Your head was perfectly shaped, but you had a big bruise on your hiney. LOL (Not sure of the spelling- I don't usually call it that). I was down on the floor playing with Match box cars with Amanda (Mandy then) a few hours after your birth and my mother had a fit. Did you know all of this already? Or is it news to you?