Monday, September 12, 2011

How I ended up with my hand in ice cream

Today I had the role of "KP" kitchen prep.  When I worked as a waitress at Bob Evan's there was an older lady whom we all called "momma" and she worked in the back in KP.  Momma's job was to prepare everything for the cooks- she cut veggies and was also in charge of desserts.  Since I was gone all day yesterday at Scrapmania (another post) I wanted to get organized for the week today.
I made a roast for Monday night dinner. 

I also made jalapeno poppers for Sunday night appetizers and even though I thought I was being careful I got some juice on my left hand and it was on fire. 
I kept rinsing it as I was preparing a few other things and the burning was getting worse.
I went outside to talk to Bill and take Griffin out to play and my neighbor was out talking to Bill so I asked her if she new what I could do with my hand to stop the burning.
She had me pour lemon juice on it and that did not help much so she got on her lap top and found a site that said to soak it in milk or ice cream.
Well she had some old ice cream that she said she needed to throw out anyway so I stuck my hand in it and guess what it worked!  The poppers were amazing and next time I make them I will wear latex gloves!

The recipe is easy, wash jalapenos and cut in half.  I used a spoon and carved out the seeds and then put them in a little water in a saucepan and cooked them for 10 minutes maybe.  Drain water and fill jalapeno with cream cheese putting the halves back together and wrap in bacon slice- secure with toothpick and grill.  So delicious!
I also made a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread for breakfast for Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday night is my late night to work now so I made a chicken and bean chili so Bill does not have to mess with dinner- we are going to eat ours with sour cream, fresh cilantro and tortilla chips.
I prepped lettuce, cucumber, beets, peppers and onion for greek salad for lunches and also made the dressing.
So we are ready for the first half of the week-and it only took me 1.5 hours.

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  1. Wow! Well done! You know how to prep it up right and delicious!