Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding Part 2

These pictures are from the reception- Laura and her friends put on the whole thing and it was amazing.  If you missed the wedding pictures they are here
Cupcakes- delicious and lovely
Sydney sampling crackers and dip (displayed in wheelbarrow on ice)- at this time it was still raining but it did clear and then sun came out!
Ireland- Laura's daughter (so Bill's granddaughter) I still remember the day she was born, wow has she grown
Introducing Mr and Mrs Scot Schuler

My kids love being outside and they were playing on the swing set and with match box cars
snacks- see the wood sign that says "Schuler  August 20, 2011"
Griffin playing cars, I cannot resist taking pictures of him
Sydney helping herself to lemonade
Table decorations- flowers from gardens
the only picture of me with kids
Griffin played in ice for the longest time

Sangria cart -yummy
deposit used mason jars in wagon- such a clever idea
lights on picket fence
Alex changed into a  shorter dress for part of the reception- ta da
These pictures do not show the true beauty of the reception and of all the work that went into putting it on!
Have you been to any outside weddings or receptions lately?

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  1. Wow! I can't believe how nice it was. Loved the furniture outside, the way they displayed things, the baskets, the white fence & bench ets., it looked very professionally done. Maybe Laura should become a wedding planner and do weddings in her back yard all summer! Congrats to the newlyweds. Alex looked beautiful!