Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Pictures

The daycare the kids attend has someone come in and take pictures a few times a year.  We never buy the pictures because the cheapest package is still expensive and not big enough for all of our family.  So anyway the kids always get there picture taken and they are usually cute but we never buy them. 
This last session the pictures turned out adorable!  I took pictures of the proofs just so I could show them to you.  I was tempted to buy but resisted.  Honestly my kids are cute in every picture I take so I have lots of great photos. 
Griffin is just so adorable, he melts our hearts
see the reflection of his face

Sydney is growing up so fast.  She seems so mature in these pictures!

She is so natural in this picture- very photogenic! 
Which are your favorites?  Does your daycare take pictures of your kids? 


  1. How on earth did you resist? They are super, love the back drop idea and the way they are dressed. All three of Griffin are framers and of Sydney I like the last two. I almost missed her reflection until I scrolled down to leave the comment. She looks about 7 or 8, certainly not just 4 1/2.

  2. Super cute! Kids are always adorable in overalls :)

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