Sunday, October 9, 2011

Griffin is 2 years old

Griffin is two years old today.  We cannot believe how quickly the time has passed and we are trying to savor each moment with our little guy.  Tears come to my eyes as I type because we are so in love with our sweet boy.  He is a gift, and we are so grateful.  We have so many wonderful memories of life with Griffin over the past two years plus the time he was growing inside me.  I was a little nervous about having a baby boy and Bill was in shock when the ultrasound technician said he was a boy.  I am not kidding we have so many pictures of his boy anatomy because Bill kept asking her is she was sure he was a boy.  So funny.  Having a son has been so fun and new yet he is similar to Sydney at times.  Griffin is always happy- really.  People have commented to me that he is just so happy and smiley.  You can make him giggle to the point of losing his breath so easily.  He has a smile that will brighten any ones day and the sweetest voice.  I made a list of some of the words that come to mind when I describe Griffin.  Can you think of any I forgot?

  1. talkative
  2. energetic
  3. affectionate
  4. excited
  5. loud
  6. smiley
  7. giggly
  8. generous
  9. adorable
  10. silly
  11. social
  12. hungry
  13. smart
  14. sweet
  15. outdoors man
  16. snuggler
  17. tricky
  18. small
  19. polite
  20. daring
  21. musical
  22. determined

Here are a few pictures I took-1 week before his birthday.  He was so happy to be outside (although it was cold) and he loves riding the tricycle.

    We are having a small family celebration Sunday after church- I will share pictures later.

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  1. Mama's Boy
    Daddy's Helper
    Little Brother
    Gramie Lala' little buddy